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Waterless Manicure
%100 Natural Application

Strong nails in 4 steps

1 application 5 effect
Manicure, hand care and cell rejuvenating keratin therapy, paraffin effect

It contains health inside to
make you feel at ease inside.


Karline A++ professional manicure and pedicure sets...



Karline A++

About Karline

Our dear customers,

ASC LTD. ŞTİ. was established in Ankara in 2006. In 2014, its name was registered and it entered into cosmetics & beauty industry with the brand KARLINE. It focused on continuous innovation, quality and service and it continues its services with the aim of keeping up with the developing technology and world market.

Our establishment, which has a wide product range to response to its customers in time, provides quality service at all times with its sense of quality product, delivery in time and reasonable price.

Our establishment, which is there for you, our dear customers, cooperates with the companies which do no compromise on their qualities and adopted solving all your wishes and inquiries as a principle.

As a company assuming the production and sale of cosmetic products, KARLINE sustains its leadership in its industry by maintaining its continuity. It continues its activities in the cosmetics industry, drawing its strength from its customers with its customer-driven sales policy, environmentalists principle of “FEEL AT EASE INSIDE AS IT CONTAINS HEALTH INSIDE” and way of management.

Past experiences of the company KARLINE showed that the most important factor in performing the responsibilities towards the community, customers and all personnel is the sense of “QUALITY”. In the competition environment coming from globalization, it provided the organization necessary for the maintenance and development of its entity.


• Giving importance to the customer relations and meeting their expectations,
• Being among the best in its industry in terms of quality, price and delivery in time,
• Working with highest level of customer satisfaction in purchase, sale and delivery by giving importance to continuous improvement activities,
• Adopting methods which will develop creativity while complying with the procedures and instructions,
• Giving importance to the team works and sharing information in problem solving,
• Giving importance to the employees and providing their satisfaction,
• Giving importance to the environment, occupational safety, cleaning and order.